Aetos Press  A micro-publisher located in West Yorkshire


Aetos Press is a new independent publisher specialising in local history with a particular interest in the history and topography of the regions of Greece.
Our first titles are: Castles of Northwest Greece by Allan Brooks, a detailed guide to the castles and forts of Epiros, Aitolia and Akarnania dating from the early Byzantine period to the eve of the First World War; and
Landscapes of the Greek Myths, also by Allan Brooks, an exploration of the physical world of the myths.

The Fortifications of the Town and Port of Nauplio.
A detailed examination of the history and current state of the Venetian fortifications of the town of Nafplio in the Peloponnese. Download the full text here (4.5M PDF)

As a micro-publisher Aetos intends to publish a limited number of titles each year, initially focusing on aspects of Greek landscape, history and culture.
It is intended that the range of titles will eventually expand to cover other geographical areas.
For prospective authors whose work deals with minority subjects Aetos offers an alternative to self-publishing. Please read the submission guidelines for further information. Initial enquiries by e-mail only please.