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Castles of Northwest Greece: From the early Byzantine Period to the eve of the First World War
by Allan Brooks  ISBN 978-0-9575846-0-0

Northwest Greece has always been relatively isolated from the rest of the Greek mainland and, with the exception of small pockets of intense development on the coast, is little visited by foreign tourists. Modern guidebooks of necessity concentrate on the few important classical and Hellenistic sites with only passing reference to mediaeval and later fortifications. Yet these monuments bear witness to the complex later history of the region when Norman, Italian, Angevin, Serbian, Venetian, Turkish, and Albanian invaders competed for control. This book is intended to redress this imbalance by providing a detailed guide to a selection of the castles and forts of the area dating from the early Byzantine period to the eve of the First World War. For each site the book provides an historical survey, a description of the surviving remains and pertinent information about the general topography of the area and its changes over time.
332p, 198 b/w illus., 43 maps and plans.

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Landscapes of the Greek Myths

The Fortications of Nafpllio