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Landscapes of the Greek Myths
by Allan Brooks  ISBN 978-0-9575846-1-7

The ancient Greeks' conception of their world, their gods and their very origin is expressed in the tales we now call the Greek Myths. The stories of the myths were rooted in a real world, a compact physical environment of inhospitable, rugged mountains separating small agricultural plains that occupy what is now southern and central Greece. This book is a topographical guide to that world. Its purpose is to relate the myths in their original settings: either the location in which the principal events were thought to have occurred, or the places in which they were celebrated. With such a huge range of material available any book exploring the Myths must be selective. In this work selection is achieved by following a journey through the landscape of mainland Greece in a logical progression from sanctuary to sanctuary with emphasis placed on more isolated and remote locations. This approach brings the myths and their settings together in a format designed for the independent traveller.
272p, 57 b/w illus., 22 maps and plans
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Castles of Northwest Greece

The Fortifications of Nafplio