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The Fortifications of Nafplio
by Allan Brooks  ISBN 978-0-9575846-2-4
Nafplio was the first capital of Modern Greece from 1828 to 1834 and has been a port since antiquity. Fortifications have existed on its acropolis since at least the 3C BC. Although abandoned when Pausanias visited, the town was resettled in the early Byzantine period. After the fall of Constantinople to the armies of the Fourth Crusade in 1204 it was held in turn by the Franks, the Venetians and the Turks. All have left their marks on the surviving fortifications but it is the Venetian work that still dominates the town.
 This book discusses the evolution of the fortifications that have  defended the town and its port over the centuries. It provides a detailed guide to the substantial elements that survive and a description of the sections that have been lost. These survivals include the acropolis defences, fragments of the Venetian land walls, the works defending the port and the complex of forts on the heights of Palamidi above the town. In addition it describes the Venetian gun fort at Drepanon and the castle of Thermisi.
156p, 97 b/w illus., 19 maps and plans

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